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    Se Edmundo comentasse como jogava bola, não tinha para ninguém!

  2. Chombro ers

    sorry the next superstar 1. Donnarumma 2. Dragowski 3. raddu the legend: 1. Buffon 2. Julio Cesar 3. Van der sar

  3. D H

    Not a great goal scorer but a scorer of great goals. I remember those first two goals very well, they came in the same match, the opening day of the season and the debut of a certain Ronaldo Nazario. I watched that game hoping to see some South American magic and it came from an unexpected source.

  4. Reyhan hari Muchni

    Donnarumma 👏👍

  5. Salvo Morana

    1:37 Sembrava gol al 1000%!

  6. Fun Unlimited

    This video was a complete package , the music was so real and motivating and I even got goose bombs so what I want to say is please make more videos like that . Like if you wanna see more videos like that . 1 like = A push to them to make more

  7. Ramon Douglas

    Que camisa linda essa da Fiorentina,,que ataque era esse batistuta e Edmundo,,timaço

  8. MGL


  9. Dou

    The First Manager Of Club Sampdoria!

  10. Danilo Machado

    Musics in the video?

  11. Jony Campos

    Pirlo > Ruben Neves

  12. Sonia Desmarais


  13. Chrisss sss

    Milinkovic-Savic e Luis Alberto i due migliori centrocampisti del campionato

  14. Osman Aguilar

    that last goal gave me chills


    Show !!!

  16. Sããntos Marley

    "O Animal..." 💥⚽

  17. Fernando Lazarin


  18. Rodrigo Oliveira


  19. Evandro Guedes

    Edmundo foi muito melhor do que Neymar !

  20. Sanio Gois

    Não vi nada demais, futebolzinho chulo, ainda fala mal de grandes jogadores, só pq hoje é comentarista. Os gols todos do mesmo jeito, pegou chutou, todo duro,não driblou ninguém.

  21. win kampret

    Goooo Mario

  22. Spiritual Guitar music

    He was an artist


    Edmundo IL ANIMALE

  24. راحة القلوب

    we will call it '' Serie Z '' not '' Serie A '' ... all eyes on him .

  25. walter white

    Grazie mille sheva

  26. Domenico Iacovazzi

    Donnarumma è il migliore😍💪🔴⚫

  27. Raniery Pereira


  28. Shakkazoolu

    Where is the Donnarumma highlights ? 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

  29. Leroy Hyde

    The defence for Juventus may be an issue, when there conceding by set pieces..

  30. Matias ZaraDIOS

    Q hace Velez en la Serie A?

  31. TheGirosoBros TV

    Like se vuoi un altra partita così quest anno così l'Inter non vince

  32. hfanti

    no juve?

  33. Marvinest Marvin

    Goal keeper serie A👍👍👍👍👍

  34. Hey Dude

    Donnarumma is the best

  35. ricky careiro

    Or so many fixed matches

  36. ricky careiro

    Defenders are so weak, today Sheva not scored many goals

  37. Élő DoDo

    Buffon the all time best👌

  38. Javier Moreira


  39. alessandro saviano

    Per me poteva segnare Mario rui

  40. TheOrtiz111

    questo e'il classico gol di ragatzu

  41. Mario Sanders


  42. Emanuele Lombardo

    13 dic 2019... Mi viene da piangere 😢 😢

  43. Oleksandr Mykhailovskyi

    Still looking for defenders at last goal

    1. beedsj roiue

      Beautiful tackle by Cuadrado, I don’t think he deserved a Red Card. He deserves a 10 game ban.

  44. Evely cabaleiro

    Balotelli more marketing Less footbal, sad

  45. Jimmy Ccet

    Ronaldo è sempre il migliore👍💯

  46. Michael Marcus Turella

    Ranieri is the worst Coach in the serie A at all times. He never won title,even though worked in the top teams in Italy.

    1. Emiliano Cossu

      Michael Marcus Turella sciacquati la bocca



  48. To Tylko Ja

    Everybody excited Buffon but Łukasz Skorupski played better. I don't know why.

  49. Andrea Cardaci


  50. Marco

    Il calcatore più illuso della storia del calcio

  51. Novex


  52. Martino Antonio De falco

    Nel mezzo del cammino di nostra vita... Mi ritrovai la fiorentina

  53. Otavio Mateus Gomes

    Puskas q pariu

  54. F1LM Ter Ter Terpopuler

    Trailer F1LM Titanic 2 rusel.info/video/video/3LetzcykkGu-pNk.html

  55. Dylan Travaglini


  56. Lore_06

    Ma che parate ha fatto donnarumma? 😡😡😡 Metterne almeno 3 non costava nulla

  57. Fred Tandy

    Wonderful video 🏆

  58. Michele La selva

    Cmq all 3 gol a detto correa sull 2 a 0 ma era 3 a 0

  59. Samy

    that left leg was so magic , especially in Pro evolution soccer old times :)

  60. Federico Dimauro


  61. Federico Dimauro


  62. Federico Dimauro