NHL Highlights | Bruins vs Lightning - Dec. 12, 2019



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    Steven Stamkos scored twice and the Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Boston Bruins.

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    1. Niko Lörslörö

      I think it would mess your game up when you get beaten by Chara in the first 30 seconds of the game

    2. Book of shadows contributor Brian

      58th comment ⚡️🌩⛈

    3. Ole Emser

      literaly EVERYBODY be like "yess the Bs losing again" but say what u want, they`ll win the conference again and all of you will be quiet. little jealous mofos

      1. Zach U

        We will see 😂

      2. kt

        u good bro

    4. James Sylvestre

      2:05 and 2:37. When you kill a penalty you shouldn’t have all 4 guys below the dots. Just saying. Also Boston has now lost 5 games in a row. Toronto brought the chips & dip, Habs brought the beer, and Wings brought the wings obviously. So if you wouldn’t mind bringing something to the party too, that’d be great

    5. Fehrplay

      Stamkos is on fire lately.

    6. Super Tukari

      Now they win..

    7. Blair Thandi

      Now Steven is picking up his pace, and I love it.

    8. Алекс Ружевский

      Здено красавец, справился! Зачётная игра-бодались

    9. Jordan Perepolkin

      I know why maroon fought chara last year he was in the blues vs chara in the finals

    10. Мади Байжанов

      Бостон только слабых команд может побеждать

      1. Vika star

        да правда что ль?

    11. M Sniper

      Maroon had black out to pick up on Chara

    12. Vitaliy Khal

      у кучи шайба не идет. Пусть раздает перепечи, тоже вкусно

    13. Aris Aris

      Stamcos, Kucherov, Point made game. Wasilevsky full of holes.

      1. Claire Mielke

        I’m sorry but this must be done: *Stamkos, Vasilevsky

    14. Victor Olofsson Wahlstedt

      Today is gonna be a good day since Boston and their disgusting players and fans choked on another big L

    15. Joshua Gill

      You just can’t complain at all when the bruins lose😃

    16. Толян Коп

      Да да да и ещё раз да.Так этих уыганят.Как кто то говорил.

    17. [Rock] [Star]

      Кучеров 2 паса конфетки! Эх жаль на забил!

    18. Ezra Kim

      America's most hated team lost again!

      1. Teukka

        Ezra Kim i don’t get why tho because they are good?

    19. Quole

      bruins getting exposed. This is what happens when you are one trick pony.

      1. Kusti 666

        doyouevenlift 1744 facts

      2. Kusti 666

        Quole i wouldn’t call them one trick pony’s every team loses some games in a row Boston is the best Team in the NHL don’t @ me (;

      3. doyouevenlift 1744

        @Quole Look at the bigger picture.

    20. LighthawkTenchi

      Glad to see the Bolts get another W.

      1. LighthawkTenchi

        @marcus813 true, but it's still relatively early

      2. marcus813

        They still have games in hand on a lot of teams. Stay tuned!

    21. CrueMember

      what a glove save and Stamkos on fire

      1. Jonathan Wylygan

        Blair Thandi I have him in my pool as well was disappointed earlier in the season, sucks he got injured too but he’s back 🔥 I’m in first place now lol

      2. Blair Thandi

        He is racking up my hockey pool. Lol, noone else picked him, and I did, and I believed in him.and look at him now. Last year he had 45 goals, so lets see what he can do this year.

    22. Tony Z

      Bruins lose again. My idea of a good night.

      1. HogartsTrain

        Tony Z well at least Toronto sucks

      2. Tony Z

        @Koditon Ihminen When it comes to the Bruins, oh yea baby.

      3. Koditon Ihminen

        Wow you are toxic

      4. EG3 Assassin

        Tony Z agreed, now I just need the canes to win for a perfect night!

    23. Hunter Brown

      Another loss and they may fire Babcock

    24. The Cando Railfan

      Boston throwing their season in the trash.

      1. Renaud Beaulieu-Labbe

        still have an 8 pts lead in 1st place...

    25. B1gg3st Blu3s Fan

      Yes, Boston loses again

    26. Phix

      Marchand gets real tough when he has a ref in front of him, lmao 😿

      1. Matthew Baran

        The rat 🐀

    27. Matthew Campbell

      33 vs 14 ready fight!

    28. Evgeny Kondratenko

      I hate chara and bruins. Stupid defence team

    29. TheDanhenk

      Wow, boston is falling hard!

      1. marcus813

        They're now winless in 5 straight (0-4-1). I'm not even mad!

      2. Hunter Brown

        And I'm all here for it!

    30. DarkDays

      Everytime Boston looses the rest of the U.S. should get free pizza

      1. Ethan Xu

        DarkDays you spelled loses wrong

      2. Wes McCauley

        @Phix An American can never have too much pizza. It just ain't possible. We have electric wheelchairs for a reason.

      3. The Cando Railfan

        The rest of North America

      4. Phix

        I think y’all had enough already TBH

    31. Ethan Xu

      First comment and view. Hahahahahahahaha..... I am better than you guys BTW:JK

      1. John Browne